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First blog people, should be amazing soooo here is a little summary of one of my fave series of books without giving away too much… 😉 

A young 15 girl called Mina, lost, unpopular, clumsy and awkward, gets put in a living curse. The Grimm curse. She must complete each story, etc Red Riding Hood, but every story  is different to how you would think. Mina is Red and the hunter. She used the Grimiore to fight the wolves. She is love struck over the ‘perfect’ guy: Brody Charmichael. He is fit, tanned, long blonde hair, blue eyes, tall, rich and a gentleman. The hottest guy at school. Her secret crush for 2 years. Her best friend Nan Taylor and Mina are amazing. The new guy turns up and aggravates Mina so much: Jared. A mysterious young boy, long brown hair, intense grey-blue eyes, strong jawline, extremely handsome and hides many secrets. Mina is literally the unluckiest girl alive. Love is messed up, I will tell ya that! She goes through impossibly hard stories then the worst comes. What happened to her brother? Now Mina must travel to Jareds Realm, The Fae Realm. The biggest and most emotional trauma happens there. Well for me. I got WAY too involved in this book. If you love a good little romance, fairytales and fictional stories I extremely suggest you read these. 
Author – Chanda Hahn 
And the fourth is to be released sometime this spring.
I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did. 
“Not all fairytales have happily ever afters. Some just have afters”
Yours Truly,